Dem der ikke forstår petrodollaren, forstår intet.

Uden petro-dollaren kunne USA’s gæld aldrig have vokset sig til den nuværende højde på snart $    140.000 milliarder danske kroner.

Her kommer forklaringen:


Et godt indlæg fra facebook:
Oliver Kemp Anyone who has tried to removed the $ so they get what they believe to be right for their valuable resources!!! Has either been retired and most likely removed!!! What most forget and don’t look into is most of these leaders were once friends of the United States until they said NO! The $ is dying and these leaders knew even back then that getting paid in a currency that is going to be constantly devalued until it’s worth 0 was not a fair way to trade. The elites who run our governments and manipulate our media are going to destroy most of us. Everything you hold dear and everyone you care for is going to suffer terribly! Russia is prepared and has told its citizens to prepare for the worst. They have moved military resources all around the globe and have over 100/150,000 troops on standby at a moments notice. They will not hesitate to defend themselves and their allies. We must stop fighting and bickering between ourselves. Letting those who want your demise be the ones to divide us is utter self destruction! Make preparations do whatever you can to protect those you love! Because your governments will not be thinking of you or your loved ones. We will either unite and fight or we will divide and be destroyed.
How long will we remain silent?